Accounting and Management

The constant alterations and updating of our commercial and fiscal panorama, demand a permanent information/training of managers. The rhythm and complexity of this change continues to affect the companies and the global financial universe.

The fiscal authorities adapt their execution strategies, focus and response policy to the dynamic business evolution, with a view to an increase in tax revenue.

Companies search for equilibrium, establishing priorities in their commercial management and strategy, guaranteeing sustainability and adding value.

At CIPHRA, we anticipate and adapt to the changes to each client’s reality, base on the continuous training of our team, guaranteeing that managers of our client’s companies have more time for what they like most, their business!

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Rua 1° Maio, 76 - R/C Esq.
2845-125 Amora

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The ciphra is equipped with an experienced team and expertise in financial, fiscal and management of human resources.