Human resources management

Our experience in managing human resources allows us to deal with labour challenges, evaluating risks, improving efficiency and creating a plan that helps to improve the performance of your company.

Our team has the experience and qualifications to advise at the moment of hiring, to help you develop a balanced and efficient work team.

We provide:

- Salary processing and associated administrative tasks

- Consulting in Human Resources

- Contract management

- Recruiting, selections and performance evaluation


- Human resources internal proceedings

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Telephone : + 351 212 260 450

Morada: Amora
Rua 1° Maio, 76 - R/C Esq.
2845-125 Amora

Morada: Lisboa
Rua Castilho, 59 - 2ª Esq.
1250-068 Lisboa

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The ciphra is equipped with an experienced team and expertise in financial, fiscal and management of human resources.