The success of our clients is the foundation of the history of CIPHRA

Ciphra was born of the will and the need of a team to innovate in its capacity to respond to the client.

For eleven years we were members of Fiducial, a recognised trademark at national level that, at the time, had the work tools corresponding to those required by our clients.


Up to a determined time, this position was a good result, our commitment was total and we conquered various prizes, such as ‘Rookie of the Year’, ‘Marketing Prize’ and ‘Best Office of the Year’. In 2012, with the end of the franchising trademark, our expectations were high. To us, a change meant innovation. When, from our point of view, this did not happen, we did not hesitate and created our own trademark, CIPHRA®, where we could decide on the offer of the services we provided our clients, guiding and orienting their investments in the best possible way. 

Telephone : + 351 212 260 450
E-mail: info@ciphra.pt

Morada: Amora
Rua 1° Maio, 76 - R/C Esq.
2845-125 Amora

Morada: Lisboa
Rua Castilho, 59 - 2ª Esq.
1250-068 Lisboa

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The ciphra is equipped with an experienced team and expertise in financial, fiscal and management of human resources.